>   “You are going to learn so much about yourself”

<   “That is what I’m hoping happens”

          >   “It already has. Look at how brave you are. Not many people would jump out of a plane without a parachute and you are.”

Hello, I am the brave one, but thankfully the plane part was just an analogue. I would never have enough guts to jump out of a plane not to mention without a parachute. I recently decided to take a huge leap and move to the sunshine state for my second year of college. I spent my first year of school stowed away in the mountains, living in almost constant gloomy weather that felt toxic to my spirit. So I made getting an education in a sunny spot my priority.

Along with that, another reason for moving, is to find my own identity.  Next time I do something brave, I want to be able to know for myself instead of relying on someone to reassure me of my decision (not that it wasn’t appreciated this time around).

I am generally a quiet person who likes to observe people and situations. I have a lot going on in my head so this is my outlet. I read articles and books on self help as much as possible because I’m interested in ways to find inner peace.  If you are interested, join me on my journey to find what makes me feel alive, i’ll share as many pointers as possible along the way.


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