“What we think we become” -Buddha

Hopefully I am not the only college student who was too cheap and lazy to buy a TV and resorted to Netflix’s instead.

Netflix’s + the show Arrested Development = a lot of laughter…and one episode plot that got all philosophical on me.

The theme of the episode revolved around the idea that we cannot change who we are. With all the inspirational quotes on change, I never really stopped to think that our core beings are usually pretty concrete. Changing minor things to improve ourselves is one thing, but trying to be completely different, is denying our sense of self. Performing a personality overhaul on ourselves turns the changing, into hiding. The process of finding yourself is not evolving into someone all shiny and new, but finding what makes you, you and embracing it.


My Advice: Don’t conform to what everyone else is doing, do what makes you feel alive and admire yourself for that. Once you find it, enjoy the freedom of being nobody but yourself.


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